The road to our store was a long one that weaved between Clifton, Montclair, and East Village until eventually ending up here. Bloomfield as a town is in transition like many towns in New Jersey. It has the old school Jersey, the spill over from places like Montclair, and a growing influence from those leaving the city. But it just has a good vibe as far as people go. All these things made Bloomfield a solid choice since I felt it a town where APEM can be multiple things without much contradiction. It’s on Broad Street but not in the thick of everything where we get lost. In my head I always wanted the outside to remind me something of corner bodegas like in my hometown Passaic or a scene from the movie Clerks and on the inside it’s mostly modern. I think we are in a good place for our first store to serve a wide variety of people.

paul rea