Two Months In

I appreciate everyone who has consistently come by the store. Opening a business these days is nuts with an endless assault of bullshit from dealing with getting open, ordering ingredients, to the insane questions we get asked. At least we don’t get questions about soft serve anymore. Why bother making Gelato then. It’s not even the same league of product. Go to Italy and ask for some soft serve then go ask for some pizza with pineapple on it and let’s see how fast one can run. 

The first few weeks were brutal. We were trying to figure people out and vice versa. And it took a while for both Jenny and I to get comfortable in the store. I was paranoid about our place just being some generic Gelato and Ice Cream place. I moved back to Jersey for a reason and that was partially to be the half snarky sarcastic asshole and half waspy non-wasp that I am that couldn’t exist in passive aggressive neurotic California. I love making this stuff and feel like I’ve grown into my own way of doing things. And it really feels at home here. I can make some really refined flavors and call them something snarky and its fine. We also know the things we will never do no matter the trends. I know whats good. I’ve been doing this for a long time despite my age and thanks to my mother and grandmother along with my culinary and experience living abroad I have a decent palate. I purposely avoid going to other gelato and ice cream places or even looking on social media. I live in my own gelato world. 

Thanks, Alex

Alex Saneski