Pacific Ocean

We had a great summer but needed a short break. Usually for trips, Jenny and I try to go somewhere new. But this time around we decided on somewhere familiar which is California. I have a love-hate relationship with the place but not with the ocean. In fact it may be the only thing that makes it bearable for me. And I love the Pacific Ocean. I grew up going to the Shore and hanging at the beach, but the Pacific is just something else. Some days in some parts it’s so peaceful. The sound is like a lullaby. And in some other parts it’s a constant roar that will crush you. I was lucky enough to live in several parts of the state. I lived near where Tomales Bay and the Pacific meet and near Santa Monica Bay. My favorite part of the country is still that part of the coast north of Santa Monica and south of Carmel. There are so many nice places in America, but I enjoy the mountains along the coast where the towns are barely hanging on without falling into the Pacific. Some great driving too. All that said, I’m ready to come back to New Jersey and make some stuff for you guys. And Jenny says hi. 

Alex Saneski