Breakfast at a jersey diner

Years ago when we had our gelato business, Cremeux Ex Machina, the life imitates art or the postmodern grab at false authenticity in a society that no longer produces anything was what was in. When I reflect back at those times when I arrived in California I was still very much the east coast kid who only thought of the world in terms of Michelin stars. Alain Ducasse on one end and Alice Waters on the other. So I was very focused on the ingredients since that’s what really pulled me over there. I didn’t care about San Francisco or even the nice weather in Los Angeles. I just wanted good fruit, and instead much of the stuff was kale (it’s disgusting), cereal shit, or too much Johnny do good save the world type crap. 

Mostly what I experienced there was emptiness. You know a culture is a zombie when they turn supplements for your tap water into a million dollar business. Anyway, my point is that years ago I would have never made this flavor Breakfast At A Jersey Diner. With all my gelato business experiences in California and my own personal changes I’ve moved back to Jersey and I’m just about a good laugh. Tricksters and Jokers are my muse. I thought it would be funny to make a rye flavor for Rosh Hosannah and it ended up being rye, cinnamon, nutmeg, caraway, and maple syrup. It tasted like a fucking thing I’d eat at Tick Tock. I used to be a serious guy but now I’m just about making whatever is good by any means necessary within my own world view. 

Alex Saneski